Monday, September 23, 2013

The Review

Today me and a friend visited Nam Phuong (I think #3) located on Buford Hwy.  From the outside this place was promising with a nice mix of different cultures and a clean parking lot.  As I went to sit down, two tables over was Chef Kevin Gillespie, a Top Chef contest and the former co-owner of Wood Fire Grill.  He has a new Atlanta restaurant named Gunshow that is a different take on the traditional restaurant experience.  Well, needless to say I thought our choice of Vietnamese must be pretty good if a famous Chef would eat there with his personal friends.  Watching there order arrive made me wish I was eating with them, not only for the company but most the quantity of amazing looking food.

My friend Tony had never eaten Vietnamese, which has become a weekly staple for me.  I was glad to show him the ropes.  Since it was his first time I felt that we must order Beef Pho.  When they brought the plate of condiments/herbs/veggies I could see his interests being peeked and my stomach started to rumble in anticipation of spicy broth and noodles.

Once the soup bowl arrived we added our plate full of goodies and then a healthy dose of Sriracha.  In my humble opinion if you aren't sweating you aren't doing it right but for those who don't like it hot just don't add it.  When my broth looks more red than brown, I know its just about perfect.

Tony loved it.  I could see that this would become a regular place for him and maybe even open up some of his co-workers to a cuisine that they've never had or at the very least we will eat there again.

I would say this is one my favorite Vietnamese locations in Atlanta.  I will return soon and order a wide selection, so I can give recommendation on what to and not to order.  As of now the Beef Pho (fatty flank, flank, brisket) might be my only selection but it was enough.

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  1. It was a great lunch. Thanks for the recommendation, Jeremiah.