Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fish in Parchment

Once you get the basics down for this recipe you can play with more flavors, exotic citrus', edible flowers, and interesting vegetables.  The photo below is a basic fold there's a heart shape fold once you've practiced that will add additional flair.

4- 18" long piece of parchment paper
4 Fish fillets (6 oz each)
1 cup of shredded carrots
4 slices of lemon
1 cup of diced zucchini
1 cup of diced tomatoes
8 small thinly sliced Red Potatoes
4 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
4 Tablespoons of Butter
1 Teaspoon of fresh Parsley
Salt and Pepper

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees

Place the carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, red potatoes, 1/2 the olive oil, butter, salt, and pepper in a bowl and lightly mix.  In the center of each parchment place a 1/4 of the bowl ingredients then top with the fish, parsley, olive oil, lemon slice, salt, and pepper.   To close the parchment fold the top like an brown paper bag then fold the side the same.  After completing all 4,  place them on a cookie sheet and back for 20-35 minutes depending on type of fish and thickness.    

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