Thursday, January 15, 2015

Doing the Dishes

I try to blog about the things that are happening in my life and right now it feels like my life is surrounded by dishes.  You see my wife is pregnant, very very pregnant and can't do the dishes like she has for the last 17 years of our relationship.  Our rule as a couple has always been I do the cooking she does the dishes.  She just physically can't and it sucks. 

The clean up is one part of cooking that is so unglamorous that people never mention it.  I hate to do dishes and have never appreciated my wife more.  

Sometimes for a snack I will make Pot de Creme or things that make a bit of a mess but now I'd rather starve.  I spend 1-1.5 hours of cooking a day and adding 15-30 min of dishes makes it almost not worth it. 

I mean I still got to eat you know so it might as well be good but I definitely take keeping the kitchen clean a lot more seriously.  Hopefully I will keep this in mind when my wife returns to doing the dishes but to be honest I like being free to be creative without all the worry of the consequences.

So for all of you who have a dish washer or a cooker you should say a special thank you for all the work that they do.

Thank you honey for all that you have done in the kitchen (I'll save all the other Thank You's you deserve for Valentine's Day)

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