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It's the best diet in the world if you don't like meat, eggs or cheese.  We as a family have dabbled in these waters a couple of times.  First, I will say that I never felt physically better than when I was on this diet.  You get sick less, have more energy and can genuinely feel the nutrients from what you eat. Your pallet gets better.  Since your craving flavor (really this should say fat) your body craves foods that you would have rarely eaten.  People always say you have to make sure you get enough protein but as a big guy I assure you this is not a problem.  I would have loved any excuse to quit.  This is a glowing endorsement and if you see food as fuel for your body then this is the program for you.  If on the other had you see food as fun, comfort, sport, or just pleasure then take suicide over the loss of bacon.  I say bacon because of all foods that I missed while being Vegan bacon was at the top.  That smell was enough for me to call myself a vegan with a side of bacon.  Not to mention ice cream, fried eggs, butter, butter (it's mentioned twice on purpose), ribs, pork chops, a good steak, fried chicken, and to many more to list.

While being vegan again won't happen I learned a ton from going through the process but most important was that I didn't need meat to make a meal.  Now we try to eat 2-3 nights a week without meat (when my wife is not pregnant).  I try and make these meals as vegan as possible but will use a touch of cream here or a pat of butter there.  I will give a few of my suggestions for vegan dinners to substitute in your normal weekly rotation.

Vegan Moussaka- Recipes can be found online- This is great for large crowds and tends to please everyone.

Veggie Pot Stickers- Buy the wrappers from a local Asian market- Recipes are all very similar for this one.

Blk Beans & Yellow Rice- Add onion, bell pepper & garlic to 3 cans of beans- Top with pickled banana peppers-  This is a quick dinner that is always good

Penne Pasta with zucchini, garlic, tomatoes, basil, and olive oil (for a vegetarian slant add shredded Parmesan). Or some other variation of pasta primavera.

Let me know some of your Vegan Ideas.

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