Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I fat boy and need to diet

I'm fat.  I want to be a little fat but its gone a little to far.  I want to weigh about 205 but I'm about 235 right now.

I've gained sympathy weight from my wife's pregnancy.  Mostly its because I love food and when you like it this much it tends to stick with you.  For a snack today we stopped and got a dipped cone from Dairy Queen.  I'm not saying its not great to get a tasty treat but these daily occurrences make me fat.  I would love to say that I don't spoil myself when I'm alone but that would be ridiculous.

Ready to move forward and be a lean mean machine.  So I must diet.  Should it be vegan, paleo, no carb, low carb, vegetarian, weight watchers, count calories, or caveman. 

Vegan- No meat ever.  No eggs.  No can do.  I will cheat and that's just the way it is.

Paleo, No Carb, Low Carb- No sweets no can do.  I like sugar.  I like white refined sugar. 

Weight Watchers- I can eat what I want although the portions are for a small child.

If I exercise a lot then I will be able to eat the portions that I want.

It sounds like I've made up my mind but really I don't want to give up any of my little food pleasure.  I eat about 6,000 calories a day.  How much exercise do I need to do to still lose weight and eat the same?

I naturally burn about 2,500 calories a day so I just need to jump rope for an hour, run for a couple more hours, and backpack for 6-7 hours. 

So between work and family I should be able to fit in 9-10 hours of pure exercise if I can adjust to living without sleep. 

I think the plans got to consist of cutting my calories in half and exercising for 1 hour a day.  It almost sounds easy when I say it like that.  Now it's time for the doing. '

Probably.  Maybe.

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